Turkey and Syria searching for pilots from downed Turkish military jet

epa03278196 A handout TV grab released by the Syrian official Arab News Agency (SANA) shows a Syrian Military spokesman explaining on a map the incident of the Turkish fighter jet downed by Syria, in Damascus, Syria, 23 June 2012. Syrian planes and its navy were on 23 June searching for two Turkish pilots whose jet fighter was shot down by Syria, the pro-government television al-Dunia based in Damascus reported. Syria admitted late 22 June that it had shot down the plane, while Turkey, a member of NATO, warned it would take ‘the necessary steps’ in the wake of the incident. Turkey’s President, Abdullah Gul, suggested that the military jet may have strayed into Syrian airspace, reported the state Andalou news agency. EPA/SANA HANDOUT HANDOUT EDITORIAL USE ONLY/NO SALES

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